Introducing: Oceanic – Care More

Impressionist lyrics are all about capturing a feeling or moment rather than telling a concrete story. They don’t necessarily follow a linear structure or make sense in the traditional sense. In many ways, they’re similar to Impressionist paintings—they’re loose and free-flowing, and are composed of minimal details to create a bigger picture. To understand impressionist lyrics, you need to let go of your expectations and simply allow yourself to be fascinated by what they create.

Oceanic shows no signs of slowing down as they release their new single, Care More. The band doesn’t rely on simplicity, but search for depth. In this song, we can see the tension between the desire for individual expression and the need for connection with others.

We love the production of this song. It’s very polished and professional, along with a touch of indie-pop nostalgia. The vocals are striking, and the synth melodies are undeniably catchy. If you haven’t already checked out Care More, then we strongly encourage you to do so.