Introducing: Ana Carmen – Risky

Ana Carmen’s Wishing You Well was borne out of the need to pass the time during quarantine. What started as a simple project quickly developed into a full-blown concept album, with each song telling a different chapter of Ana’s life in her twenties. These songs capture the joys, heartbreaks, and uncertainties associated with that time period.

Ana was able to dive deep into her own emotions during the writing process for Wishing You. She wanted to explore different sides of herself, and I think she succeeded in doing so. Lead single, Risky, is a stellar example of that exploration. It’s about taking risks in life and embracing the unknown. Ana brought that same spirit to the studio while recording the song.

The folk pop sound of Risky has an unfamiliar Americana flavor to it. The first 55 seconds are simple, with just solo vocals and guitar, but then the full band kicks in. Once you reach that point, you’ll be swept up in a whirlwind for almost four minutes.