Introducing: mimi my – Create Another Day

When it comes to excess, regret is one of the biggest consequences. It’s the nagging feeling that we made the wrong choice, that we could have done better. We regret not only our actions, but also our inaction. We regret what we didn’t do, as much as we regret what we did. And this regret can have a ripple effect on our lives, often leading to more regret and more excess. It’s a viscous cycle that’s difficult to break free from. We make choices every day, and the consequences of those choices can be far-reaching. We need to be mindful of the effects our choices will have—not just in the present, but also in the future. When we’re able to do this, we can start to make changes for the better, and break free from the cycle of excess and regret.

mimi my wrote Create Another Day in the midst of the pandemic, when everything was changing so rapidly. She was inspired by the confusion and chaos that was all around her, and by the way her own life was changing. Excess, regret, and the consequences of making choices are topics this song explores in depth. You can think of it as a shout into the darkness.