Introducing: Astelle – K Boy Bye

Astelle’s new single K Boy Bye is destined to go viral sooner rather than later. The lyrics of it capture the fun and carefree vibe of going out. But they also remind girls to be aware of their worth, and not to fall for the tricks of heartbreakers. We really like that the song celebrates female empowerment—the message is one that we can all stand behind!

K Boy Bye came to life through various experiences Astelle and her friends had at clubs and parties. She noticed that the opposite sex was often acting disrespectful and arrogant and decided to write about it.

When Astelle was in the studio recording her vocals for K Boy Bye, she was so nervous but determined. It was her first time working with Jann and Jørgen, and she had never met them before. However, the magical vibe in the studio and the productivity and creativity of everyone there led to a great outcome. The song was written in just one day, and Astelle recorded so many vocals because she wanted it to be rich in sound.