Introducing: FVRmind – Blood Moon

The human mind and heart’s reaction to unwanted change is a complex and fascinating topic. Our natural response to upheaval is to try and take control, but as we all know, life doesn’t always go according to plan. External factors such as nature, other people and circumstances can deeply affect our internal world, often in surprising ways. It’s interesting to consider how the things we experience outside of ourselves can change our internal state, emotions and thoughts. When we’re confronted with something unwanted, our first instinct is to try and overcome it or change it. But ultimately, it’s up to us to accept and deal with the cards we’ve been dealt. Understanding how we react to change is an essential step on the road to self-awareness and growth.

FVRmind’s new song Blood Moon pulls the listener into a fantastical world of mystery and enchantment. As the song unfolds, it becomes clear that this isn’t your average story; it’s about figuring out why our minds and hearts react the way they do when we face sudden challenges. The lyrics evoke images of dark forests, midnight skies and flowing rivers. Blood Moon has soft dreamy verses, coupled with heavier, more textured choruses.