Introducing: Meghan Pulles – Rabbit Hole

It’s never a good idea to change yourself too much for someone else. When you lose sight of who you are, you also lose the sense of confidence that comes with it. You allow someone else to determine your well-being, and that’s a bad path to go down. Don’t forget that you are always in control of your own life. You don’t need anyone else’s permission to be happy and fulfilled—and you never should. So if you find yourself changing yourself for someone else, take a step back and reconsider what’s really important to you. Chances are, the answer will be yourself.

Rabbit Hole is about being in a situation where you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom and don’t know how to get out. It looks at the various traps and challenges we face in life, and how easy it can be to let someone else change you. This song has special meaning to Meghan Pulles, because she drew on personal experience for the lyrics. The singer hopes they will connect with her listeners and help them feel not so alone.