Introducing: LOVE YOU LATER – Keepintouch

Photo by Sophia Matinazad

While it may be difficult to cope with feeling isolated, there are ways to ease the pain. Allowing yourself space and time to process your emotions can make a huge difference. Don’t try to ignore or push them away—that will only make things worse. Instead, accept them with open arms.

LOVE YOU LATER’s new single Keepintouch documents how she went from being distant and alone to finding connection and contentment within herself during the summer of 2021. It reflects on the idea that sometimes we need to be isolated in order to truly find ourselves and appreciate the relationships we have when we’re around others again.

Despite the struggles she was facing, LOVE YOU LATER found a way to heal and write an incredibly meaningful song. In her case, expressing her thoughts was what got her through her dark moments. If you’re not a writer/singer, find another form of self-expression that works for you. Maybe it’s drawing, sculpting, or even dancing.