Introducing: TIIVA – TO GET BETTER

As adults, we’re often discouraged from believing in magic. We’re told that it’s something that only exists in fairytales, and that it’s something unattainable and intangible. But the truth is, magic is real. It’s found in queer spaces, in nature, and in the big conversations we have with others. It’s also found in manifesting something powerful – something to hold on to when we think we’re small and insignificant.

TIIVA’s latest release, TO GET BETTER, explores the idea that we all have the power to make a difference in our communities. When we come together to help and support each other, we can make real progress and better our world. Connection is key, whether it’s with those who are going through the same thing or with those who have been through something similar. So go out and make new friends. They’ll be the ones who will help you manifest your own magic in this world.