Introducing: Beryl Anne – Paper Walls

We all know that change is necessary for growth. Sometimes, it may even be forced on us. But recognizing the need for change and then implementing it are two very different things. For many of us, the realization that change is necessary is a difficult one. It can seem overwhelming, impossible or just plain scary. But if we really want to grow and move forward – in our personal lives – we have to embrace change. And that’s not always easy. Change can mean making big changes in our lives or it can be as small as altering our routine. But either way, it takes effort. It’s not always going to be fun or rewarding in the short term, but if we stick with it, eventually we’ll see the benefits.

Paper Walls by Beryl Anne tells the story of two people who are struggling to let go of each other, even though it’s clear that they’re not meant to be together. The primary colors of the artwork create a symbolic foundation to contrast the song topic. This contrast can help us see that a breakup doesn’t have to mean the end, but rather a new beginning. It’s up to us to turn our pain into purpose and use it as fuel for growth.