Introducing: Beth Keeping – April

When you’re on an adventure, every moment is magic. From the anticipation of the trip to the memories that last a lifetime, adventure is all about those moments that you can’t hold onto but you remember forever. Whether it’s scaling a mountain, kayaking down a river or simply hiking through nature, there’s something about being outside and exploring that just makes life feel more complete. Sure, there are some challenging parts along the way, but it’s all worth it when you reach that summit and see the world unfold before you. And when the adventures are over and you’re back home, those memories will still be with you, keeping you warm on cold winter nights.

Beth Keeping is an artist who takes her listeners on a journey with her music. Her latest single April¬†revolves around the time she fell in love in the jungle. Immediately after the track begins, you can hear all the organic sounds that were used to create it. There are thunder claps in the background as snares, and the beats are arpeggiated ocean waves. It’s like you’re right there with her, feeling all the emotions she felt when she was in the jungle.