Introducing: Bella Marcy – IVY STREET

The first days of love are a time of excitement. You may feel like you’re on a high, and you can’t get enough of the person you’re with. These are the days when you learn everything about each other, and when your bond begins to form.

IVY STREET by Bella Marcy is a song dedicated to the first days of love. Many people, including Bella herself, believe this is one of the most magical times in a relationship. Everything just seems better, doesn’t it?  It’s like you’ve finally found your home, and you can’t imagine staying anywhere else.

Blla and Niko Sitaras, her partner and producer, wrote IVY STREET in one sitting after spending the night running around San Diego. They recounted their experience together and finished the song. It features catchy guitar riffs and smooth pop drums. There’s a good amount of harmony between the vocals and the other components.