Introducing: Elle Baez – Mister Possessive

In her new single Mister Possessive, rising superstar Elle Baez sings about how she’s been taken advantage of by her partner, and how she’s finally ready to take control back and reclaim her autonomy. The song’s message is one of strength and empowerment. It reminds you that nothing can hold you back. You have the power to fight for yourself and your happiness, and you deserve to be happy.  We’re so proud of Elle for writing such an influential song and for using her platform to help others.

The song itself is super catchy, upbeat, and constructed with retro soundscapes, Santana-esque guitars, and futuristic synths. Elle performs flawlessly as well. She follows a very specific technique when she sings, which contributes to her striking and emotive vocal style. We could go on forever about all the amazing details of Elle’s voice, but we’ll let you hear it for yourself!