Introducing: hanna ögonsten – Rockstar

Photo: Felix Moström & Harald Goldkuhl

hanna ögonsten’s lyrics for Rockstar are inspired by her trip to Berlin and the experience she had at a party. She was surrounded by musicians who were acting like rockstars, and it made her realize that this kind of behavior is problematic. Some musicians have a distorted view of themselves and their role in the world, and they take advantage of others. This song is about standing up to those people and shining a light on their actions.

hanna perfectly encapsulates the feeling of what it’s like to be around a musician who’s living the rockstar life without any real success. They’re a mess, and they’re only interested in what they want. It’s sad to see people fall so far from grace. If you’re ever around someone who’s exhibiting questionable behavior, please remember that they’re not worth your time or your energy. Walk away and focus on better things.