Introducing: AMAVA – Muse

When we allow others to determine our value, we give them the power to control our lives. We lose sight of who we are and what we stand for. How can we be our best selves when we’re constantly comparing ourselves to others? It’s essential that we reclaim our identities and learn to appreciate our individuality. Only then can we be truly happy and fulfilled. The song Muse by emerging talent AMAVA aptly illustrates this point. It encourages us to be ourselves unapologetically and let our light shine bright. We should all strive to live with this type of confidence and self-love.

Muse has an electro-tinged production that layers the singer’s sultry vocals over a hazy soundscape to create an immersive listening experience. AMAVA wants her music to sound like it was recorded in a glittering, haunted house. With this in mind, she uses a variety of techniques in order to achieve this effect.