Introducing: Saâne – Des fleurs au bout des doigts

Saâne is a French singer/songwriter who has been releasing music since 2021. She won acclaim for her soulful, introspective lyrics and her disarming sincerity. Her songs are a window into her personal life, and listeners feel like they know her pretty well by the end of the song.

Saâne has a voice that’s like a blast of cool air. It’s comforting and authentic. On her new track Des fleurs au bout des doigts, Saâne sings about her relationship to her own body, and to others. The song is suffused with tenderness, making plain the fact that Saâne has a rare gift for communicating genuine emotion through musical expression. The chorus is sublime, and can only come from the heart. Des fleurs au bout des doigts is an intimate glimpse into the world of an artist who’s just starting to find her calling.