Introducing: Cheyenne Pohl – talk shit

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At first glance, it seems like Cheyenne Pohl’s new single, talk shit, is about bashing an ex-partner. However, a closer look reveals that the song actually describes the mixed feelings that people experience after a break-up. There’s anger and frustration, but also sadness and longing. The lyrics of talk shit reflect this dichotomy, as they jump back and forth between bitter remarks and heartfelt admissions of missing the ex.

The instruments used in this song were very thoughtfully selected to give it the perfect sound. Pohl had always dreamed of creating a song with the same level of production as Ariana Grande. She was able to achieve that with talk shit.

We want to conclude this article by discussing the song’s vocal. It cuts through the mix in a way that’s both striking and refreshing. Pohl’s voice possesses incredible flair. She has mastered the art of vowel modification and resonance. The singer is able to smoothly slide between differing vowel pitches without sounding artificial or strained. This allows her to create a very natural sound that still has a lot of color and variation. Pohl’s voice is also remarkably well-balanced. There’s no one register that stands out more than any other- she can sing high notes with ease and power, yet still sound gentle on low notes.