Introducing: Shelly Peled – SWIM

So often we’re our own worst enemy. We talk ourselves out of opportunities, convince ourselves that we’re not good enough, and let fear take over. Shelly Peled’s song, SWIM, is a powerful call to action, encouraging us to never give up. She believes that the key to success is to take risks and put our trust in the universe.

if you’re feeling like you need to make a change in your life, the first step is actually just going for it. While new situations can be scary, it’s important to know that you’ll get through them. Don’t underestimate your abilities. Try to think of yourself as a legend. There’s no limit to what you can achieve. You just have to trust the process.

The soundscape of SWIM is dark and brooding, punctuated by heavy beats and snappy synths. The track also features elements of Rock and Hip-Hop, giving it a genre-defying sound. Shelly sings her heart out and puts you in her shoes for almost three minutes.