Introducing: The eight five two – Shiver

The eight five two’s debut single, Shiver, showcases their deepest emotions. It touches on the feeling of not being able to let go. Sometimes it feels like past experiences are grieved in our minds and they remain there. While we want to move forward, we’re constantly held back. It’s as if we’re destined to float in misery for the rest of our lives.

Feeling down is natural when things don’t go as planned. You may feel like you’re stuck in a rut and that your situation will never get better. But it’s important to remember that there’s always hope. No matter how bad things seem, have faith that everything will work out in the end.

The guitar in Shiver is intense and melodic. It provides the backbone for the track, while the drums and synthesizer dance around it. The percussion is tastefully minimal, and never overwhelms the listener. The bass is what ties it all together, giving the track a sense of structure and direction.