Introducing: ryn – is that ok?

Mental health is often seen as a taboo topic. We don’t like to talk about it because it makes us uncomfortable. We’d rather sweep it under the rug and act like it doesn’t exist. But the problem is, by not talking about mental health, we’re only reinforcing the idea that there’s something wrong with it.

We need to normalize mental health discussions. We need to start talking about mental health openly and honestly. And we need to start doing it now. That’s why ryn’s is that ok? is such an important song. It normalizes the conversation around mental health and encourages people to open up about their experiences and seek help if necessary.

is that ok? has been so well produced, I can hardly describe it. The 808s give the song a strong backbone, grounding the lightness of the melody and preventing it from feeling too floaty. ryn’s vocals are layered over the music in an elegant way that really allows her voice to shine. We especially appreciate their harmonious blending.