Introducing: PETRA – Dancing Without You


New York based artist PETRA has released recently her new single Dancing Without You and it a lavish pop track. I adore the upbeat instrumentation with full band essence which create a wonderful soundscape. Moreover, the catchy guitar riffs sound innovative and showcase an artistic insight. Furthermore, the lyrics are very meaningful, the song was written in the aftermath of PETRA her father’s passing. Writing this song gave PETRA the energy she needed to dance again, all the way towards a brighter future.

There is also made a powerful music video for Dancing Without You which is inspired by a night at the discotheque; a scene PETRA’s father was heavily immersed in when he lived in Germany as a teenager. The video follows PETRA as she goes on through the night to find solace in being alone and learning that though she may feel alone, she never truly is and her loved ones are always near and dear. The video’s main party scenes features a cast of primarily POC and LGBTQ actors and actresses; PETRA’s purpose for her casting came from wanting to streamline the representation of her community and breaking free from typical social norms.

* The music video is directed by Carlos Vasquez and choreographed by Brittany Goodwin.


PETRA has made some wonderful piece of music, Dancing Without You is a track that knows to reach your soul, so be sure to stream/watch it as soon possible!


Do not hesitate and add Dancing Without You to your playlist(s).

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