Introducing: SABRE – Peace and Love


The talented SABRE is back with her new single Peace and Love and it sounds as expected amazing. I really like the groovy melodies which showcase new creative expressions. Besides, SABRE her vocal performance is grandiose, she has such a powerful voice. Furthermore, I also adore the dynamic elements!

Speaking about the track, SABRE says: ”I wrote all the lyrics to the song in about 20 minutes. The producer, LaFlamme, was figuring out the arrangement. The production was essentially live off the floor. Beatox and I layed our vocal tracks simultaneously. We walked away kind of mind blown, like what have we just created here? What genre is this? It just feels like future sound to me.”

As for the message behind Peace and Love, SABRE brings the listener a simple but important  message of the track’s namesake “Essentially, I wrote Peace and Love thinking about the love side- when I’m on the road or creating, I have to find peace as an artist within myself because things change on a dime and relationships are on the line. Sometimes, I fall short cause I’m human, but all I need is peace and love by the end and I’m happy.”


You can not deny that SABRE has made a brilliant piece of music, Peace and Love has all the elements of a gem, so start streaming it as soon as possible!


Do not hesitate and add Peace and Love to your playlist(s).

You can stream Peace and Love below on Soundcloud or Spotify!