Introducing: Lily Lane – Running Back To You


The talented Lily Lane is back with new single Running Back To You and it sounds grandiose. I adore the sublime vocals which create amazing musical landscapes. Besides, the melodies are unique and showcase new artistic insights. Furthermore, I also like the construction of the chorus!

Speaking about the track, Lily says: ”I released my most personal song yet Running Back to You the tale of a queer romance gone awry, an “on again/off again” situation where I just can’t quite walk away from my paramour. “I know what they say, she should walk away, telling me it’s just a phase, feelings of your skin, pulling me back in, can’t get you off my brain” is belted over a haunting synthesizer, letting the audience know my partner is breaking by heart by denying her same-sex attraction, and their romantic relationship, by writing it off as a phase.

Lily has made real art, Running Back to You is a track that needs all the attention, so stream it as soon as soon as possible!


Do not hesitate and add Running Back to You to your playlist(s).

You can stream Running Back to You below on Soundcloud or Spotify!