Introducing: Sawyer – Emotional Girls

69568571_2348513205246108_5793191325015014803_n.jpg (Daniel Chaney Photo Cred)

Talented duo Sawyer has released recently their new single Emotional Girls and it is a grandiose track. I really like the quirky melodies which create multiple musical landscapes full of new sounds. Moreover, the harmonies are as expected amazing. Furthermore, I am also a big fan of the powerful chorus and the dynamic elements!

There is also made a music video for Emotional Girls. The video is a stylistic slap-in-the-face to those who have incriminated the emotions of women, and the slumber party vibes portrayed are a sentiment to the importance of being vulnerable and honest with your best friends by your side. Emotional health must be emphasized across all identities.

You can say without any doubt that Sawyer has made real art, Emotional Girls has all the facets of a modern gem, so start streaming/watching it as soon as possible!

t6uV7f0A (Daniel Chaney Photo Cred)

Do not hesitate and add Emotional Girls to your playlist(s).

You can stream/watch Emotional Girls below on Soundcloud, Spotify or YouTube!