Introducing: PNK FME – Not Okay

PNK FME 'Not Okay' Press Pic 3 (Photo by Danny Mans).jpg

PNK FME his mature and contemplative nature, delves deep into the human condition, as an individual wrestles with their mind’s ominous musings. The artist his attention to detail is evident through his philosophical productions, which are matched harmoniously with heart-aching top lines.

PNK FME has released last week on World Mental Day his new single Not Okay and it sounds amazing. I adore the powerful vocals which create grandiose musical landscapes. Besides, the lyrics are very meaningful and know to impress. Furthermore, I also really like the electronic textures!

You can say without any doubt that PNK FME has made real art, Not Okay needs all the attention, so be sure to stream it as soon as possible!

PNK FME 'Not Okay' Press Pic 2 (Photo by Danny Mans).jpg

Do not hesitate and add Not Okay to your playlist(s).

You can stream Not Okay below on Soundcloud or Spotify!