Introducing: Shaylen – Sorry

Shaylen_Highs And Lows 3_Credit Brian Ziff.jpg

“Shit happens. People aren’t always as strong as they wish they could be.” That is the mantra of singer/songwriter Shaylen, who is both equal parts veteran and neophyte to the music industry. A former pop group member turned solo star, Shaylen is geared to bare her soul in a way that many artists struggle with through their work, starting with her debut single El Dorado. Welcome to the world of a rising powerhouse who is back…for the very first time.

Sorry is a track from Shaylen’s debut EP Highs and Lows and it sounds grandiose. I really like the modern pop melodies which give the sublime vocals enough room. Besides, the chorus is very powerful. Furthermore, I am also a big fan of the electronic textures!

There is also made a music video for Sorry. The visuals are captivating until the last second. All the locations look perfect and Shylan’s performance is amazing.

Of the inspiration behind the track, Shaylen says “Sorry is very personal to me. It’s all about my struggle with addiction and overcoming it and being honest with myself and the ones I loved. The busyness and chaos of the city felt appropriate to how I was feeling at that time in my life and gave the exact vibe of where I wanted to film the video.”

You can say without any doubt that Shaylen has made a brilliant piece of music, Sorry showcases many new artistic and creative expressions. Be sure to stream/watch it as soon as possible and feel free to sing along while listening!

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Do not hesitate and add Sorry to your playlist(s).

You can stream/watch Sorry below on Soundcloud, Spotify or YouTube!