Introducing: Vitakari x Yuki-San – So Above [Music Video]


Los Angeles singer Vitakari and  DJ/producer, Yuki-San have released back in July their single So Above, an amazing piece of music. The track showcased many creative and artistic insights!

On Friday last week Vitakari and Yuki-San have released a music video for So Above. The video, directed by Skyler Raddatz, captures the obscurity of modern dating. The artists normalize bi-sexuality/queerness in their narrative by approaching it casually, as Vitakari navigates a love triangle after meeting someone off a dating app.

We follow Vita as she swipes through the So Above dating app, meets her ‘match’ at a party, and takes him home. In a plot-twist of events, we find out that the ‘match’ already has a girlfriend–who Vita ends up linking with. Vita and the girlfriend have a heart-to-heart about infidelity, choose to “drop the dude” and be with each other. The video concludes with them making out in front of a sunset.

You can say without any doubt that the music video for So Above deserves all the attention. The message in the video is very powerful. Vitakari and Yuki-San have made art, they are very inspiring in every aspect.

Start watching the music video for So Above as soon as possible and please share it with others!


You can watch So Above below on YouTube!