Introducing: Klemntyna x Gino Lee – Brooklyn Boi


Klemntyna has released recently in collaboration with Gino Lee her new single Brooklyn Boi and it an very impressive track. I really like the uplifting melodies which create a stellar atmosphere. Besides, the vocals are captivating until the last second, Klemntyna’s voice is very soulful. Furthermore, I also adore the dynamic elements!

On the single, Klemntyna says: ”To me, Brooklyn Boi is a little “lemonade” targeted at someone I had hopes for but was disappointed by. After hearing similar stories from some of my friends, I decided we needed a post-summer, fresh tune that would sound sweet, sexy and empowering. The song’s sound is a genuine representation of my and Gino’s collaboration, with strong Pop influence from Gino, my love for 90s R&B, Jazz and the music of NYC, and sunny Brooklyn, where we both lived over the summer (and which has been a home to me ever since I first moved to NYC). The very advanced demo was recorded and produced by me and Gino in just two sessions in a practice room at NYU. We later invited another producer-collaborator, Will Dailey, who contributed a lot of contemporary sound and freshness to the production.”

Klemntyna and Gino know exactly how to make good music, Brooklyn Boi has a sound you never heard before. Start streaming it as soon as possible!


Do not hesitate and add Brooklyn Boi to your playlist(s).

You can stream Brooklyn Boi below on Spotify!