Introducing: Heather Valley – Lovejoy


Hamilton, Ontario-based Heather Valley was a self-made lawyer with a promising future when the con man found her. They bonded over a shared love of Americana, especially the music of Jason Molina, then met for a week in a haunted cabin in upstate New York. They fell in love and made plans to be together, but when he went back to Florida, everything went wrong. A sudden admission of addiction, an intervention, committals to rehab, escapes and devastating benders impeded his efforts to return. He became obsessed with the idea that a demon inhabited the cabin, and that it had attached itself to him.

They eventually reunited in a rough Buffalo neighbourhood called Lovejoy. The story of that reunion and the heartbreak that would come next is depicted in the new song Lovejoy, the first single from her upcoming album.

The track sounds very impressive. I really like the unique guitar riffs. Besides, Valley’s emotive vocal performance is phenomenal. Furthermore, the lyrics are powerful!

Valley has made music that needs all the attention. Be sure to stream Lovejoy as soon as possible!


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