Introducing: Tenna – You Don’t Know


Tenna is a Canadian-born singer-songwriter based out of Toronto. Her biggest inspiration is her father who she grew up listening to sing and play Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and The Beatles’ songs on guitar, which influenced her poetic songwriting. Tenna’s music can have a dark tone at times, while at the same time, being light in its imagery. Tenna writes about emotionally abusive relationships, love, and social issues.

You Don’t Know is a track from Tenna’s debut EP Silver Storm and it sounds very impressive. I really like the unique melodic construction. Besides, Tenna’s vocal performance is sublime. Furthermore, the lyrics are meaningful!

Speaking about the song, Tenna says: ”This song is a fun pop/EDM song with a deeper meaning. It is about emotional abuse in relationships. It’ll make you want to dance, but if you listen to the lyrics you’ll see that it is about the painful part of a bad relationship.”

You Don’t Know is a track that needs all the attention. Be sure to stream it as soon as possible!


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