Introducing: Tenna – Why Didn’t You?


Tenna is a Canadian-born singer-songwriter based out of Toronto. Her biggest inspiration is her father who she grew up listening to sing and play Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and The Beatles’ songs on guitar, which influenced her poetic songwriting. Tenna’s music can have a dark tone at times, while at the same time, being light in its imagery. Tenna writes about emotionally abusive relationships, love, and social issues.

Why Didn’t You? is the second track of Tenna’s debut EP Silver Storm and it needs all the attention. The track is about sexual assault and is written from the perspective of the victim.

On the track, Tenna says: ”I saw a common theme in society of the victim always being questioned and blamed for something that is never their fault. The title and chorus of the song represent all of the people who don’t understand what it’s like to go through something like this. This song is meant to empower those who have experienced sexual assault and let them know they are not alone.”

Tenna is a very inspiring person, she has such an important message to share. Start streaming Why Didn’t You? as soon as possible!


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