Introducing: Eryn Martin – Ball


Ball is a track from Eryn Martin and it sounds very impressive. I like the emotive melodies. Besides, the vocals are magical. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the well-written lyrics.

A song as moody as Ball requires a video that emphasizes and amplifies its sense of danger. Director MidVessel has delivered with a clip that reinforces Eryn Martin’s wee-hours melancholy. The camera captures the vocalist on the streets at night: twirling an umbrella as a thin shield, running in sneakers on the painted median of a wet street, holding a small flickering candle as she hovers in the concrete doorway of a building. MidVessel makes sure to illuminate the artist at striking angles – at times, her face is partially obscured; at others, the darkness practically swallows it. Is it an expression of fragility, or is it meant to underscore her essential toughness? Maybe it’s both, and maybe there’s no contradiction between the two.

Eryn made incredibly good music, Ball has all the elements of a modern masterpiece. Start streaming it as soon as possible!


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