Introducing: Dionne Bromfield – Bad Intentions


Dionne Bromfield recently released her new single Bad Intentions and it’s a brilliant piece of music. I like the soulful elements. Besides, the vocals are outstanding. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the powerful hooks unique rhythms.

On the single, Dionne says: ”Bad Intentions was a track written about a situation that went wrong. As most girls do, they throw themselves into relationships with good intentions, emotions flying high, they get caught up in the moment, leaving themselves wide open to get hurt if and when it goes wrong. I experienced this and thought – hang on a second why can’t girls go into a relationship with a similar mindset to men? Which didn’t work for me. I remember going into a session speaking about what had happened and they said D let’s write about it…and within an hour we had the song!”

Dionne is a talented artist, she’s so artistic. Bad Intentions defines good music. Start streaming it now!


You can stream Bad Intentions below on SoundCloud or Spotify!