Introducing: WRENN – Internet Gaming


WRENN is an alt-rock artist and a self-proclaimed “sad girl” who uses music as a means of communicating her feelings to the world.

She just released her new single Internet Gaming and it’s so good. I like the honeyed vocals. Besides, the melodies are captivating. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the powerful hooks and dynamic elements.

On the newest single WRENN explains “this song is about the dichotomy between peoples internet persona’s and who they are genuinely. I find that when people are crafting and curating who they portray in-front of others, there tends to be a lot more ‘extremes’ that are utilized. Extreme looks, extreme actions – basically a grandiose performance of a fabricated reality. I think this utilization of extremity in every day life causes us to over look extremities elsewhere when they’re not ‘fun’ to watch.”

WRENN’s music has so much depth. Internet Gaming is versatile. Start streaming it as soon as possible!

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You can stream Internet Gaming below on SoundCloud or Spotify!