Introducing: Elucidate – Everything, Always.

Born in 2019, Elucidate’s vast array of genres, fusing elements of punk, pop and garage rock to create a sophisticated, refined sound that is distinctively their own, has become a staple in live shows across the country that never fails to blow audiences away.

They just released their new single Everything, Always..

The song has a surreal quality. I like the unique rhythms. Besides, the vocals are sublime. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the catchy hooks and dynamic elements.

Lyrically, the band delivers. Everything, Always. aims to shed light on the duality of the mind while sustaining a relationship, romantic or otherwise; The good and the bad.

Elucidate always makes good music. Their creativity creates a big impact. The song has all the elements of modern art.

You can stream Everything, Always. on SoundCloud or Spotify!