Introducing: Liza Lo, Khotton Palm – Empty Room

After her first two singles, which have garnered over 30K accumulated streams and support from Spotify editorial playlists like Fresh Finds and Slow Movement, Liza Lo releases new cut Empty Room, a song about the incompetence of love caused by miscommunication.

Intriguing piece of work. Liza captivates listeners with unique guitar melodies, stellar vocals, soothing harmonies, and memorable hooks.

Lyrically, the artist remains as thoughtful as ever. She’s a skilled writer. Every line has meaning. Captivating from beginning to end.

Empty Room is inspired by the Black Mirror episode “Striking Vipers” and the Netflix series “The Affair”. In both shows, the relationship is drifting apart as one partner is hiding things. They are not being honest about their feelings and are missing something in their relationship which they are now seeking elsewhere. The opposite partner feels this disconnection and wishes they would be able to read their mind to finally know what is going on inside their partner. This resonates with the idea of moving towards different directions in life, having reached a certain misunderstanding of each other that you have lost each other. It is best to leave each other behind, unless someone starts opening up about their feelings. Empty Room represents that need for change.

Liza has so much talent. She creates her own musical style. Empty Room deserves to be heard.

It was produced by Khotton Palm.

Check out the song below!