Introducing: ML Moseley – Thin White Line

ML Moseley just released her debut single Thin White Line.

The song features unique guitar work, soulful grooves, outstanding vocals, soothing harmonies, and powerful hooks. It’s captivating from beginning to end.

Moseley writes with authentic depth. Her lyrics are impressive. Every word has a purpose.

Speaking about the track, the artist says: ”Thin White Line is my debut single and is about a relationship that is falling apart yet clings to the little sliver of hope that is there. When you are in a relationship that has lost the spark, we sometimes try and find it even though it is gone and we know it. I wrote this song because I went through this and I wanted to write to the emotions I felt. Fun Fact: This is the second song I have ever written and made me fall in love with songwriting.”

Moseley makes really good music. She’s a rising talent. Thin White LineĀ deserves to be heard. Iconic piece of work.

Check it out below!