Introducing: Aria Wunderland – I.J.W.Y.L.

Photo by PARSONS

Aria Wunderland has released a new single I.J.W.Y.L. Building off the success of her previous single Starbound, Aria continues to showcase her skills as an alternative-pop artist.

The song is a dreamy piece that features sublime vocals, soulful harmonies, catchy melodies, and nostalgic sounds.

Lyrically, Aria remains as insightful as ever. She writes with depth. Every word has a purpose.

I.J.W.Y.L. is a song about craving what’s real in a relationship. Rather than being lured in with expensive gifts and lavish things sometimes we just want to revel in simplicity. What good are all these things if you don’t have love? This song challenges the idea that you have to court your loved one by putting up an act, just showing your true colors and providing love will suffice,” comments Aria.

Wunderland creates her own lane. I.J.W.Y.L. deserves to be heard. Captivating from the first second.

Check it out below!