Introducing: Wilby – Bad

Wilby is an Indie-rock artist based out of Nashville, TN.

She recently released her debut single Bad.

This is music that’s brilliant. Call it iconic. The song features great guitar work, sublime vocals, cool grooves, and memorable hooks.

Wilby’s words are inspiring. Her lyrics speak to us all. It’s poetic.

Speaking about the track, Wilby says: Bad is about letting go. It’s an invitation to dance, and move, and let the light in. It stems from my experience with depression and my effort to fight, resist, and explore it. Do we have a choice in feeling bad? I will never know. But light helps, dancing and laughing helps, community helps. I hope this song meets you where you are and provides a sense of relief and levity, if even for a moment.”

Wilby creates her own lane. She’s a rising talent. Bad deserves 5 stars. Definitely worth a listen.

Check it out below!