Introducing: GG – Jacaranda

In her new track, Jacaranda, GG gazes out from the window of her apartment at the world. In the haze of grief, hayfever and bushfire smoke, she feels an overwhelming sense of loneliness and isolation.

This production reminds me of Christine and the Queen, which is a good thing. It sounds melodic and consists of complex synthesizer-driven arrangements. GG has an incredibly rich voice, making her singing all the more impressive.

Regarding the track, GG says: ”I was going through a difficult time personally, which was amplified by spending too much time online and seeing peoples’ sickly sweet and saturated lives on social media. I felt an unbridgeable gap between my reality and what everyone else was doing. It wasn’t quite envy – I knew I had to spend time processing the different forms of grief in my life. But this song is a recognition of the stark difference between my own heavy reality and the relentless #goodvibesonly on social media.”

GG always speaks about topics that are relevant today and make you think. She presents such striking contrasts. They cover various aspects of life.

Check out Jacaranda below!