Introducing: Tara Macri – Excuses

Multi-talented Pop artist, Tara Macri is letting us know she’s had enough with her fierce new single Excuses released by the LA-based Indie label 10 Count Records.

It’s a fantastic piece of work. Tara captivates listeners with solid melodies, sublime vocals, outstanding vocals, solid hooks and an infectious percussive beat.

She wrote Excuses with Andrea England. Their writing skills are impressive. Every line has meaning. Very Intriguing.

The song tells a story of betrayal and broken promises and a powerful reminder to stand up for ourselves and make our voices heard. In the trying times of our world’s current state, this track is exactly what we need right now as Tara explains, ”Excuses is about saying enough is enough. Counting on someone and they let you down. When they break that promise and all you have left are excuses.”

Shot in a safe, socially distanced environment, the fun, energetic dance music video captures the power and emotion portrayed in the track. With effortless style and brilliant choreography (and co-directing) by Tara and Sam Allen with co-director Patrick Liscomb, Tara is able to convey the strength and poise it takes to finally speak your truth and say enough is enough.

Tara makes music that’s relatable. Excuses deserves to be heard.

Check it out below!