Introducing: LANNDS – not in a good way

US duo LANNDS release their brand new EP, entitled lotus, via 225 Records/Believe. A great project, if you ask me. One of my personal favorites is not in a good way. It has hip hop like beats, glistening electronics and angelic vocals. All very dreamy. Propelled by powerful lyrics.

Speaking about the EP, Brian says:“We really wanted a few things out of this. This is technically our fourth body of work, we threw away our third one. We really wanted authenticity, we wanted to write something that was pure and had very little outside influence. The whole time we worked on these tracks we didn’t go through our usual feedback loop of showing it to friends. We really wanted to keep it all to ourselves until it was done. In doing so we ended up making a lot of sonic choices that make us personally happy. For this EP, we purchased a field recorder and took it everywhere and tried to sample our lives. All of the percussive samples happening in the beginning of o.o.w are from the kitchen of the restaurant Rania was working at during that time. You hear a lot of yelling and pots banging. We also have the jingle of my house keys falling, we used repeatedly throughout the album.”

This is some real music. LANNDS create unique forms of storytelling. They deliver in style. Listen to not in a good way below!