Introducing: Theo Lee – I’ll Be Fine (feat. Jenna Noelle & Rowlan)

Indonesian American artist Theo Lee releases new single I’ll Be Fine (feat. Jenna Noelle & Rowlan). He blends Pop with Soul to create a sound that’s his own. Very innovative production. I’ll Be Fine has playful samples, rhythmic percussive beats, uptempo rhythms, gentle vocal harmonies, and melodic rap verses.

”I search inside of myself to find happiness. I’ll be fine is a song about letting go of toxic relationships and embracing change. It’s a playful, somewhat sassy take on a break up song. We started with a simple beat Theo made while travelling with his friend Jazzinuf. Theo showed the track to Jenna during one of their writing sessions. She loved it and laid down what became the chorus and first verse of the song. After a few months Jenna reached out to her friend Rowlan with the track. A couple hours later he sent over a verse. Theo mixed and mastered the track and the rest is history!”.

You should check this out. I’ll Be Fine is a hit for sure.