Introducing: EVVAN – Wolf

Alternative-Folk singer-songwriter EVANN unveils brand new single Wolf, the second single taken from upcoming EP Home, which will be released on April 30, 2021. It has depth to it. The lyrics are inspired by a documentary on wolves. Well-translated to a poetic language.

“I was fascinated by how their howls sound so musical and haunting. I thought it’d be interesting to set those howls to a melody. This evolved into a story about following the pack and trying to fit in, but in the end, being shunned for your differences and becoming the lone wolf,” EVVAN says. “When I pose the question, ‘What will you do when the wolf comes out in you?,’ I’m asking, ‘Will you conform to the pack and their ways or will you look them in the eye and dare to be who you really are?’”

EVANN’s vocals soar over brilliant guitar and drum work that creates a unique atmosphere. Great song to listen to when it’s full moon. Check out Wolf below!