Introducing: Inky Nite – The Canyon

British duo Inky Nite unveils brand new dark and dreamy alt-pop song The Canyon, a real anthem. Just in time for the cold days. Uplifting vocals are blended well with driving vintage drum samples, shimmering bass and nostalgic synths. It’s inspired by 80s music, but manages to be fresh at the same time. Inky Nite make music that’s relevant. The Canyon is full of poetic and politically-charged storytelling.

Speaking of their new release, the duo revealed: “This is the last in the trilogy of singles we recorded in our seaside flat during the first pandemic lockdown., the lyrics are about the canyon of division in the UK. We were reading the tug-of-war of opinions online and the words poured out in response, as we tried to make sense of how we arrived at this point. The song spotlights everything from the rise of xenophobia and the relentless migrant-bashing of certain newspapers and politicians to online misinformation and social media echo chambers.”

Listen to The Canyon below!