Introducing: Erin Kirby – Bad Luck (feat. Zac Lawson)

Rising soulful pop singer Erin Kirby releases new single Bad Luck, in collaboration with producer and TikTok star Zac Lawson. Melodious vocals soar over calm guitar riffs and a catchy beat, making the lyrics easy to sing along to. It’s a relatable song for many of us.

Erin comments: ”Bad Luck refers to how we tend to cover up our feelings around others. I find that I do this especially when we are in a bad relationship. I tend to just hold onto things and say ‘It’s my fault’ or ‘I must be the problem’. I think we’ve all felt this at one point or another- that we must have bad luck, wishing we could find an easy way out.” 

Bad Luck showcases Erin’s skills as an artist. With her unique sound, she delivers music that’s innovative. Listen below!