Introducing: The Millennial Club – complicated/overrated

The Millennial Club are an iconic group, they delivered so much great music in the past. 2021 will be a big year for them. New single, titled complicated/overrated, is a hit. It has fast-paced rap-style vocals and a silky backbeat, backed by strong lyrics.

Speaking about the track, Andres Owens said: “When it comes down to it, I think that as artists, we all want to impact the world in some way, however big or small; the real reason we do what we do is because we can’t help but feel like we have to. We have to create, express, mold, shape, shift, contort, and most importantly, release the emotions and ideas within us. complicated/overrated showcases a new side to our musicality while remaining consistent and cohesive to what we’ve come to define as ‘our sound’ as The Millennial Club.”

Definitely a solid tune, perfect for a day like this. Check out complicated/overrated below!