Introducing: Animai – ISLAND

British artist Animai releases third single, titled ISLAND. It opens with dreamy instrumentation, setting the tone for the rest of the song. The beat comes in at 00:20 and the atmosphere is getting brighter. ANIMAI writes so well, the lyrics pull you in. With strong vocals, she showcases her soulfulness.

The experience of feeling isolated in lockdown has brought up unchartered waters for many. “No man is an Island” but what happens when we are forced to be, where is the terror? Where is the beauty?¬†Animai has found a strange and magical place of calm when allowing space for those feelings to flow through. Maybe life will always be full of mountain tops and the deepest depths of the ocean and this ever changing terrain can’t be avoided, maybe the more we let ourselves experience it all the stronger our sense of navigation becomes.

Animai is specialized in making unique music, delivering the sound of the future. Listen to ISLAND below!