Introducing: MADOUX – Neon (Acoustic Version)

Photo credit: Jerôme Lenders

Dutch singer-songwriter MADOUX releases an acoustic version of Neon. It’s calm, yet expressive. Solid vocals are accompanied by strings. It gives the song another dimension. Great arrangement by cellist Mirthe de Jonge.

In Neon MADOUX talks about being in a dark place and feeling lost and lonely in a society that seems to be in an endless rush. Neon is about acknowledging that all we ever do is hold on and tell others were fine when we’re not. Even when everything seems to grow darker day by day, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, even if it’s just a flicker.

MADOUX is an artist who creates unique music. The verses on Neon are full of thoughtful lyrics, leading towards a strong chorus. Listen below!