Introducing: Mira Lu Kovacs – Stay A Little Longer

Austrian singer/songwriter Mira Lu Kovacs releases new single Stay A Little Longer, taken from her upcoming solo album What Else Can Break, out 26 March. Her voice is accompanied by harmonies, guitar, and other instruments. Great combination of elements. The verses are unique in sound and packed with thoughtful lyrics, which makes it personal.

Here’s what Mira’s got to say: “I was sick in bed with covid 19 when I wrote this song. You can’t make this up (i mean you can, but I wouldn’t!). I put up my microphones near my bed, as close as possible to the side of my pillow, so I could record without being uncomfortable. I recorded the first drafts so I wouldn’t forget my ideas. Covid did this thing with me where I forgot a lot of things and I couldn’t focus (even though it was a mild case, i was lucky). And so I started writing this song about surviving. I was actually not referring to the pandemic or the virus itself at all – i was just struggling with everything, it seems. Everything I felt, hurt. Every word and every thought hurt. So I wrote something that I desperately needed to hear – and i needed to hear it from myself, at the same time. Stay A Little Longer became the centrepiece of all the songs i wrote in 2020″

Mira makes honest music from the soul. Check out Stay A Little Longer below!