Introducing: Pete + Sara – Take Me Back

Songwriters Peter Verdell and Sara Lindsay unveil new single Take Me Back. It’s a catchy pop bop. Distinctive vocals flow over electronic beats, which are uplifting in tone. Take Me Back has thoughtful lyrics, adding a lot of depth to the music.

Sara says on the track, “This is my (Sara’s) favorite song off our new record. It came out effortlessly in the writing room & turned into an even better song once Pete created the track. Lyrically, I wanted to own up to the fact that, as humans we’ve all hurt other people, if we’re honest (though it’s more in vogue as an artist to play ‘the victim’). This bridge also just makes me want to dance–it feels so good.”

Pete + Sara are so talented, they have a style that’s their own. Check out Take Me Back below!